Find support in Edinburgh

ARC2.0 has been developed for anyone in recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol in Edinburgh. We originally developed this app and its features by working with the recovery comumunity and EADP. In 2021, we are very excited to release an updated app with the same support from EADP and recovery community.

Support in your pocket, recovery in your hands

Our app brings together information and tools to help you access recovery services, organise your life and keep you motivated to stay on track. This year we release a new and improved app for people who want to track progress, boost motivation and access and create links with their local recovery network.

What you should know

Further information regarding reducing alcohol and drug problems within Edinburgh is available on the Edinburgh Alcohol and Drug Partnership website. We also host an ARC2.0 directory of the help and support available.

Please find useful ARC2.0 links below.

ARC2.0 Edinburgh Features

About you

Use the About You icon at the top of the screen to fill in some details about you. You can add in your photo, your recovery start date and control what shows on your homepage.

Personalised homepage

ARC2.0's homepage updates with you. It will show you your next calendar event, and display meetings nearby to you in real time. Plus receive community updates in the Announcement section.


The Meetings button can help you find up to date information about all of the meetings (like AA, CA, NA or SMART) near you. You can easily browse by location or by day.


Plan your time by adding meetings and more to your app calendar. You can even add reminders so that you will get a notification of your calendar events.


Use the Diary to keep track of progress, thoughts and feelings. Add text, images or just record your mood.


Find full details of relevant council services, such as what they do, where they are, when they are open and how to contact them.


Use the Reflection function when you need an extra boost. Access motivational quotes and mindfulnesses exercises to help you stay on track.


New to ARC2.0 you can earn Badges as you pass personal milestones. Help keep yourself motivated and accountable.

Emergency call

We know it can be difficult to reach out when you need help and we want to make it as easy as possible. Use the Emergency button to reach out for help.

With support from EADP

Edinburgh Alcohol and Drugs Partnership is the body which plans drug and alcohol services in Edinburgh. ARC2.0 has been funded by EADP. Read why below.

Edinburgh Alcohol and Drugs Partnership

"We hope that ARC Edinburgh helps people to plan and reflect on their journey, and to find the professional help that they need and, above all, to connect with others in recovery. The reason that we support ARC is that recovery is out there in Edinburgh. On any day, in any part of the city, there are groups of people who are in recovery and who come together to share their experience strength and hope with each other. This works: people make changes when they can see people who have made the same changes. People come back and they help each other and their generosity and compassion enables others to change and thrive."

Get in touch

If you want to learn more about the app or have something to share then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.