ARC-Edinburgh app has been developed for anyone in recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol. ARC-Edinburgh brings together information and tools to help you access recovery services, organise your life and keep motivated to stay on track. Learn more about the features of ARC app and how to use them below.

About You

About you iconUse the About You icon at the top of the screen to fill in some details about you.

You can add a picture of yourself, someone special or somewhere important (anything you like really), and it will show on the app's homescreen. You can also keep track of how long you have been in recovery by adding your 'start date' and choose whether to show this or not on your home screen. You can also add the details of the people who mean the most to you during recovery, friends or family you rely on when you need help or just a chat your Emergency Contacts.


Meetings icon The Meetings button can help you find up to date information about all of the meetings (like AA, CA, NA or SMART) near you.

Press the Meetings Icon and you will see a map with pins showing the locations of all the meetings in the area. You can zoom in and navigate around the map to find a meeting near to you. Each pin shows the location for a meeting and clicking on it will open a bubble to get more information about the meeting - details like day, time, address and description of the meeting. You can even add the details of the meeting to your app's calendar by presing 'Add' in the top right of the screen. We have used colour to group meetings as either AA (purple), CA (orange), NA (blue) or SMART (pink), so you can tell quickly just by the colour of the pin what kind of meetings you are looking at. You can also use the 'Filter' option at the top right of the screen to show only the meetings you are interested in.

To make it even easier to find a meeting you can use the 'List' icon at the bottom right of the screen. This button sorts all of the meetings by day so you can look and see all of the meetings that run on a given day. These are also colour coded by type of meeting to help make searching even faster. You can then click on the coloured bar of a meeting to get full details about when and where it is and even add it to your Calendar. Pretty neat huh?


Calendar IconGo to the Calendar function to keep track of meetings, add appointments and learn about other events in your community

The Calendar shows you any meetings you have added using the Meetings function. You can also use the '+' symbol to add your own appointments to your Calendar. You will already see that we have sent you details of all the events in the Community Calendar (in blue), just tap the event and hit 'Add' at the top of the screen to change the colour of the entry to show you intend to go!

Each day entry shows any apointment or meeting you have in time order - making it easy to see if you have a busy or empty day. You can plan ahead by finding dates in month view. You can choose to 'Show' or 'Hide' the month view of the calendar (top right of screen). It's easy to navigate between months in month view by swiping left or right on the screen.


Diary IconKeep track of progress, thoughts and feelings using the Diary function.

Just press 'New' (top right of screen), to add a new entry into your Diary. You can write a bit about your important day to day moments and experiences and even 'capture the moment' by adding a photo! Press 'save' to place the entry into your diary stream. As you add to your diary, the diary stream will keep track of your thoughts, feelings and memories on your recovery journey. Turn to your Diary to reflect on your progress as time passes.


Reflection Icon Use the Reflection function when you need an extra boost.

When you go to the Reflection section of the app you are asked to assess your mood. If you are 'Feeling good', ARC app will ask you to make a Diary entry to mark the good news. If you 'Want inspiration', you can read motivational quotes - just swipe down to see new quotes (there are plenty quotes to inspire you!). If you 'Need motivation', you can listen to one of the audio guided mindfulness exercises. Provided by Foundation for Positive Mental Health these 1, 4 or 11 minute exercises can help you to refocus. You can even use the code provided in the app to get more exercises! If you 'Need help', the app will take you to your Emergency function where you can call or even text your emergency contacts. To make it easier we have written the text for you, all you have to do is press 'text' then 'send'.


Services iconUse the Services function to find out what professional services are available near you

It looks a lot like the Meetings section of the app, you can view local services by location using the 'Map', or via 'List'. Full details of the services, such as what they do, where they are, when they are open and how to contact them are all at your fingertips!


Emergency IconWhen your recovery is getting tough use the Emergency button to reach out for help.

Pressing Emergency brings up your list of emergency contacts (add emergency contacts in the About Me section). We know it can be difficult to reach out when you need help and we want to make it as easy as possible. Each name has the option to call or text next to it. Press 'Phone' to call your contact. Or you can choose to text them. Pressing 'Text' writes a text to your contact saying "I'm having a bad day. Can you call me?", you can edit this or just press send to reach out to others.

Contact Us

Envelope iconWe want to be sure the information in ARC is correct, so we have included a feature to make it easy for you to Contact Us, the people who are running the app.

You can contact us to:

  • let us know how you’re finding the app
  • ask for events to be included in the app
  • let us know about groups or events that need to be changed or updated.
  • Suggest inspirational quotes or other motivational exercises that you think could be shared via the app

App Information

Info IconYou can find everything you need to know about the app using the Information icon.

That includes information about who was involved in the development of the app, more details about us, and how to contact us. You can also find out how to access the Community Calendar from here.

Letting others know about recovery events that you are organising

The idea of the app is that it is for the recovery community to share information about events with others users. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Log into the Community Calendar website, register and add your event. This can be a one off or regularly event. If you are doing this can you please be sure that you update the calendar with any changes.
  2. Contact the moderator via the email icon on the main page of the app and pass on the details.

DISCLAIMER: ARC app uses analytics to keep up to date with how well our app is used. We DO NOT and CANNOT access any of your personal information or any of the details you put into ARC app. We respect and value your privacy as much as you do. Read our full Privacy Policy.

Further information regarding reducing alcohol and drug problems within Edinburgh is available on the Edinburgh Alcohol and Drug Partnership website. It also includes a directory of the help and support available..

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If you want to learn more about the app or have some to share then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.