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Let's Launch ARC-Edinburgh App!!!

We are very excited to announce the ARC-Edinburgh app LAUNCH EVENT! Please come along to our wee party at Serenity Cafe in Edinburgh to help us celebrate our app. Let this be the first of many steps where using the power of modern technology can strengthen the recovery community in Edinburgh and support more people on their recovery journey. We hope you can all make it- if you can't please help us by spreading the word! This app is for the people of Edinburgh and we want them involved!

Working with the Recovery Community in Edinburgh

We have been lucky enough to meet and work with some of them members of the Recovery Community in Edinburgh. Thanks to the good people at Serenity Cafe in Edinburgh, we were able to consult with them about our app idea. They gave some great advice and some really positive feedback (the cakes were good too)! Its with thanks to them them that some of the features in the app have been added - mainly in the reflection section.

Serenity Cafe gets involved in lots of great activities and is a real source of support to people in recovery in Edinburgh. One of the great projects we saw was PhotoVoice. An exellent art exhibition to capture the thoughts and feelings of anyone who goes through recovery. We were so impressed and inspired by their thoughts and images we added them to our ARC-Edinburgh posters! Let us know what you think...

About the Community Calendar

Our app includes details of all the meetings and groups for the recovery community. However, from talking to people in recovery we saw how important it would be to include details about social events, groups and clubs. As part of this we saw an opportunity for the recovery community to create and this information which we could include in our app and so we launced the Recovery Community Calendar. We would love for this to take off and become a valuable resource within the recovery community in Edinburgh.

More about us

The idea for ARC-Edinburgh came about in 2014, when we (Anne-Marie Mann and Ella Robbins) decided to enter Edinburgh apps competition. For us, we saw an opportunity to make council services work for the people who use them. Luckily for us the council thought so too and since then we have been working since January 2015 to make this a reality. Since March 2015, us and our developer Dave Morrison has been working hard building the ARC app to help support people in recovery. We officially released in May 2016!